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Functional Food Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is vital to the functional food category
Health Concern sources from factories with the highest quality certifications
Health Concern employs a Quality Assurance Manager auditing factories
Functional Food Technological Support
Health Concern is experienced in functional food technology and employs a food technologist
Health Concern Food Technology and factory technologists are in close contact
Functional Food Dieticians Support
Health Concern is experienced in dietetics and employs 4 dieticians
Consuming their own product, understanding the situation of the consumers they serve
On a continuous basis, Health Concern employs graduating student dieticians as trainee
Focused on product development, support factory/retailer and direct contact with consumers
Functional Food Legal Support
Health Concern is experienced in functional food laws, directives, claims regulations and functional food patents
Health Concern has regular contact with food authorities adapting recipes to law requirements
For deeply specialized work, external specialized lawyers and patent attorneys are hired
Health Concern combines functional food technological knowledge with legal know how
Functional Food Sustainability
Health Concern carries environmental, ethic and personnel responsibility.
Health Concern sources from factories with the same standards in sustainability. 
Health Concern is a RSPO associate member. We support the work of the RSPO.